Event Organizers

Why You Should Choose St Lucia Tickets

St Lucia Tickets is the perfect place to submit your Events and take advantage of our E-Ticket option. Our online system is reliable and easy to use, making it the perfect way to get your tickets to your customers. Plus, with our convenient online portal, you can easily manage your events and keep track of ticket sales. So why wait? Submit your Events today and take advantage of our E-Ticket option!

Price example; if you set a ticket price of $100, your customer will pay $110 due to our 10% site fee. This site fee will allow us to absorb transaction fees to Visa, American Express and Master Card, depending on the card your customer uses, and also pay our payment processor. As we receive funds in our US bank account at a rate of $1EC = $0.365US (this rate changes slightly), we will reimburse you that amount for every EC owed to you. Our platform allows Organizers to maximize their profits by receiving 100% of their ticket sales.

Start by registering for an account. Go into the main menu and select “Add/View Event”. Events are not automatically approved and need to be vetted by our team prior to approval. Once you create your first event, you will be stored as an “Organizer” within our portal, and you will use your account to submit all future events. Now that you know how to submit your events, let’s go over some basics about our E-Ticket system. St Lucia Tickets has removed the capability for Organizers to create their own tickets in order to protect consumers. Once your event is submitted, contact St Lucia Tickets with the details of your tickets (Type, Capacity, Prices and Images if any). These tickets will be emailed directly to your customers along with a QR code, upon purchase. We recommend that you take advantage of our “Scan to Entry” feature, which allows customers to scan their E-Tickets directly from their phone. This is a convenient way for customers to enter your event and eliminates the need for paper tickets. 

If you have any questions about our E-Ticket system or how to submit your events, please contact our team at info@stluciatickets.com and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks for choosing St Lucia Tickets!

Please read our Organizer Agreement.